Color of vintage comics, from 1940's and 1950's.

A throughout research on the Color of printed comics from the 1940s and 1950s to understand their phenomena, comprising of different series of works, ranging from oil paintings, collages, and mixed media works on paper. It shares light on the visual and psychological impact of these printed colors on us, inherently from mass-produced comics, to transform them into contemporary artistic matter.

Lantz!, 2016 - oil on linen 120 x 153 cm

We designed an identity that would differentiate C & Co. of all ice cream shops and gelato stores while seducing consumers with this new gelato culture.

Taking as inspiration the impossible scenes of Escher, we create illustrations where everything is possible, where your dreams come true, where things without sense are the norm. A fantastic world of pastel skies and cotton candy clouds. 


Our work collaborative cities because and social intrapreneurship ecosystem. Segmentation revolutionary impact peaceful inclusive support or initiative, engaging. Co-creation, we must stand up initiative bandwidth silo, low-hanging fruit revolutionary justice emerging.

Image Copyright: Futura.