Internet Meme

Series that inquired, already in 2013, the power of Memes, tiny pieces of information extensive in social media, forums, and instant messaging services. They summarize feelings, moods, and situations and become trends in online interactions, preconizing the upcoming importance of this media.

Photography, 2013-2016


Working with images from the internet collective imagery, acronyms as LOL, FTW and OMG and text from press-release of (e)merge art fair, the artist’s Internet Meme’s formula seens simple, yet powerful. The word “meme” itself is a shortening (modeled on gene) of mimeme (from Ancient Greek mīmēma, “imitated thing”; from mimeistha, “to imitate”; from mimos “mime”). Works such U Jelly?, 2016, Haters Gonna Hate, 2013 and Mem(e)merge play with words, images and texts found on social online communities.


Memes from internet source