Omaha beach

Omaha, installation series. Single channel video, site-specific


This series spans charcoal drawings, video, photographies, google maps imagery and installation. A poetic approach to Omaha beach, landmark for the WWII D-Day disembark on Normandy, France.

Ebb, 1’00   Morning, 1’33   Dream, 1’37 – single channel videos, 2013

Morning/manhã,  1’33  single channel video,  2013

Ebb,  1’00  single channel video,  2013

Dream, 1’37 single-channel video, 2013

“Après un rêve” Op.7 n.1, Gabriel Fauré, 1877
Poem de Romain Bussine


Dans un sommeil que charmait ton image

Je rêvais le bonheur, ardent mirage;

Tes yeux étaient plus doux, ta voix pure et sonore

Tu rayonnais comme un ciel éclairé par l’aurore;

Tu m’appelais, et je quittais la terre

Pour m’enfuir avec toi vers la lumière;

Les cieux pour nous entr’ouvraient leurs nues;

Splendeurs inconnues, lueurs divines entrevues…

Hélas, hélas, triste réveil des songes !

Je t’apelle, ô nuit, rends-moi tes mensonges;

Reviens, reviens radieuse

Reviens, ô nuit mystérieuse


(free translation)

In a slumber which held your image spellbound

I dreamt of happiness, passionate mirage,

Your eyes were softer, your voice pure and sonorous,

You shone like a sky lit up by the dawn;

You called me and I left the earth

To run away with you towards the light,

The skies opened their clouds for us,

Unknown splendours, divine flashes glimpsed,

Alas! Alas! sad awakening from dreams I call you,

O night, give me back your lies,

Return, return radiant,

Return, O mysterious night.



The project

Part I – Video, photography / gmaps video *music Gabriel Fauré / charcoal drawing and paintings
Part II – Local visit [Normandy’s bibliographical research, local libraries] / Video capture, charcoal drawing and installation

image credits: Max Gomes, ©Google Maps